Ninshi Yoriai Zoom Meet

忍士寄合 Ninshi-Yoriai Zoom Meet

For the members of the Shinobi Samurai Order who finished the first 5 reports, I’m planning to have another Zoom meeting to explain our ninjutsu techniques based on Gorin principle and the idea of Kyomei Mizukagami.

How about July 26th Sunday, 10 am, Japan TIme?

This hour may be good for those in the Americas.

Maybe we should have one more session for those in Europe.

July 26th Sunday 10:00 am, Japan
         11;00 am, Australia
         6:30 am, India
         4:00 am, Estonia
         3:00 am, France,Spain, Poland,Germany, Croatia,Switzerland
         2:00 am UK
July 25th Saturday 10:00 pm, Argentina, Brazil
         9:00pm, Chili, New York, Canada,Cuba
8:00pm, Colombia, Mexico, Chicago
         6:00pm, Los Angeles, Phoenix
If you can participate in this meeting let me know.