What is important for us

When people say, “Thank God, things turned out all right.” The comment makes the shinobi smile, when the shinobi were the ones who worked and could manipulate a given situation so that peaceful outcome would be achieved. The shinobi observe and when necessary intervene without getting noticed. The ninjutsu the shinobi used is what we call the “Empathetic Resonance Technique.”

Things have balances. So seeing the balance swaying, and a shinobi places a weight on one side to keep things well-balanced so that a society or people enjoy harmony and peace. We can say our ninjutsu is to control balances. Depending on the location of the weight on a balance we see differences in results.

We need to train our people to judge the nature of a given situation from a shinobi standpoint. The Sengoku Period ninjas were only to abide by “Seishin (正心)” The Seishin was a mindset to justify what they did, and it was not an ethical or moral guideline. When Japan became peaceful, our ancestors thought the Seishin mindset was not adequate. They adopted the Gojoh principle to be the base for their value judgement, and to expect or anticipate results of their activities, Gogyo principles. The ninjutsu techniques they employ are divided into 5 types or Gorin.

How does a future-shinobi learn them?

First of all, a system where a prospective ninja can acquire necessary mindsets, and capacity to take control of a situation, and develop his/her grit, is what we think is essential. Every ryuha school has a system. A prospective student checks what a school can offer and decides which to attend. So we give an overview of our training system.

Our curricula can be expressed with “術より法を知り、根源に至れば、無限を知る jutsu yori hoh wo shiri, kongen ni itareba, mugen to naru( From an art you get to know the fundamental principles, and then by getting to the root, you get to know the infinity.)” The techniques of Goton (Five types of escape), and Gosha (Five wheels) are based on Gogyo. From Gogyo we learn “相生・相克(sohsei, sohkoku) the way to produce, or way to destroy.”

Our technical principles are based on Gorin. To employ any technique, a definite value judgement system is indispensable, so we learn 五常 Gojoh. Then, a shinobi is now ready to go on a mission. The guideline for a shinobi to operate is “林風雷隠(lin puh lai in) To move quietly, and fast, get a result invisibly without losing time.)

People who are willing to follow our requests and put them to practice will learn in our system.