The Onmitsu 2nd class


・Always consistent and reliable
・Able to plan and lead volunteer work
・Capable of serving as a team leader, club leader
・Capable of working as a liaison for the regional HQ.
・Read one of the ninja textbooks: Mansen Shukai, Shoninki, Ninpiden, and make 5 questions for the members to anwer.
・Read the book of Gorin by Miyamoto Musashi and make 3 questions to ask the members
・Able to lead meditation
・Do meditation and take notes at least twice a week or more.
・Device an original weapon or an attire.
・Able to explain** our basic gorin ideas**
・Knows what Seishin is.

・Able to demonstrate expertise in the field where you find your path to** KU** (no-self).
・Able to use needles.

(You can also develop your own standard ideas for you to employ ninjutsu instead of Gorin principle.

・After learning the Ninshido standards, you will submit one paper on Ninshido ideas, or 2 reports on current issues and a report on your volunteer work and a short paper (700-800 words) on Gorin.

**For those who want to represent us with your arts**

**The art is not limited to martial art(s).**

After sending us your 7th report. you will send a video or explain to us your understanding of Gorin principle when you use your ninjutsu on your mission on a video conference. The fee for the examination is 10,000 yen.