The Shinobi Time

It is the “Shinobi time”; the time of the endurance now. So it’s an opportunity for us to think what the shinobi are.
Speaking of the shinobi, there are many types of ninjas now. Many think that the real ninjas should be good at fighting like the 16th century in-nin (ninjas) with excellent physical abilities. Were all the ninja in’nin? Defintely not. The majority were yonin.

Our ancestors were the 16th century Iga ninshi (shinobi-samurai). They came to Edo to serve the shogunate, and while working for the shoguns developed their mindsets gradually.
Our ideas are based on our ancestors philosophy.
For the Tokugawa government the most important shinobi were those so-called “Kusa” and “Root”. They were stationed throughout the country to gather and exchange information without catching the attention of people and they sent their reports to the shogunate.

A network of shinobi is still essential. We think the shinobi are observant people that can determine the needs of their communities, and they gather and analyze information and provide reliable results to them. Their findings should be useful to the community and the society.

Things we can do: one example is:
If some are troubled by unfavorable rumors, the shinobi should be able to do research and find evidences to check credibility. The shinobi should be careful to be not blinded by unsubstantiated information.
If the rumors are bogus, they make efforts to dispel them anonymously to keep the community in harmony.
The people who have common sense and can think and work quietly for the benefit of others will become top-notch shinobi.

The mission of the shinobi order is to unite the shiobi and integrate their pro bono efforts, and deal with information to keep peace among people. The shinobi order is not a mere social circle as it has a purpose and it functions as a small think and do tank.